Complete Guide for Post Office Savings Bank Account Opening with ATM Card Activation

How to Open Post Office Savings Bank Account with Just  ₹50 Deposit and Get Free ATM Card

how to open a post office savings account with ₹50 deposit

Hi friends ... Hope you all doing well. Today we thought to share an in-depth article of  India Post Savings Bank account opening and activation of associated ATM card. You also might have heard about this service from social media and all account holders will be getting free ATM card and same can be used in any other bank's ATM machines without any extra service charge(limited to particular number of transactions). Post office banking with this new facility is getting popular among common man day by day as we all of us getting services including cash withdrawing option, fund transfer etc

On hearing about the same, we also got curious and decided to open a new SB account from the nearby post office. One of our team member got his account activated with ATM card. Process is very simple and you don't need to wait for passbook or ATM card to be delivered by post in your account which is the normal procedure. Here things are entirely different and the great advantage is that you can save some valuable time. You will be getting your pass book and ATM card on the same day or the very next day by  hand from the post office itself. When our team mate completed the proceedings and got his account, we thought to share the procedures to get an post office SB account from any part of India. So let us see how you are going to complete the steps

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What are the documents required for opening a post office SB Account  

1 ) Self attested copy of Aadhaar Card which can be used for proof of address and photo id

2) Self attested copy of PAN Card  which is mandatory for higher transactions. If you don't have PAN card, you can submit Form 60/61 which is available at post office

3) 3 Passport size photos ( Two are for attaching along with the account application form and remaining one for your passbook

4) Rs.50/- as initial payment (Account without Cheque book)

Useful Tips

*Carry a pen for filling the application form. As more people are aware of this free service, you can expect good rush at your post office for account opening
*) Writing pad or a long book will be useful for better writing. Application form is very thin so writing pad will be helpful for you

So now you are ready with all the necessary documents and preparation. Lets move on..
       All the post offices in India having the facility for handling SB account. So go to your nearest one and get the application form for opening savings bank account from the officials. For your reference we have added the sample of application form in this article so that you can cross check the same and we are sure it will be helpful for you to simplify the doubts regarding filling the form at post office. For people who have difficulty to fill the application form yourself, you can collect the form and take to your relatives or friends who can help you

From our experience, the process is very simple and the officials are very cooperative. Now we can discuss what information need to write on the application form which is available both in English and in Malayalam languages as we are from Kerala

Same application form can be used for starting individual and joined accounts. It is shown that 3 applicants can join together if you are looking for combined account

Sample Application Form for Opening Post Office ( India Post) Savings Bank Account (Click on images to get enlarged view)

post office chalan for opening an sb accountapplication form for post office sb account openinghow to fill post office sb account opening application form

KYC sumbission form for post office sb accountpost office savings bank opening form in malayalammalayalam application form for post office savings bank account opening

 Mandatory fields to be filled by the applicant / How to Fill Post Office Savings Bank Application Form

*1. I/We request to open SAVINGS BANK with/without cheque book : Just fill SB (Savings Bank) with cheque book minimum balance is Rs.500/- and without cheque book minimum balance is just Rs.50/-

2*. Your Name in Capital Letters
     Don't confused about the First Name, Middle Name etc. Write your name correctly as on your existing ID proof such as on Aadhaar Card / Passport/ Ration Card etc.

3* Name of your Father/Husband/Mother in capital letters

4* Address : You can see already mentioned format like Flat No/ Building Name etc. No need to get confused about it. Just fill your correct address with district and  pin code . The given space is very limited. If you are opening single person account you can use the second column as well for mentioning your address (refer the form attached)

5* Give your date of birth in date/month/year format. For example 01/02/2017

6* Operating Instructions : Tick what ever applicable. Normally it is Singe/Self

7* Details of KYC documents Submitted :
      Photo Id : You can use Passport or Aadhaar Card for the same
      Address Proof : Passport/ Aadhaar Card

8* Details of the First Deposit : I have deposited Rs.50/- by Cash (Mode of Deposit)

At last mention the date, provide your signature and stick your photo.

Then you have to fill KYC (Know Your Customer ) form : Just write your Name / mark your signature, fix your photograph. Provide the address that is there on your identity card

 After filling the necessary information, you can hand over the application form to post office official along with Rs.50/- which is the minimum amount required for opening postal savings bank account. Normally you will get your active account with passbook and ATM card on very next working day after submitting application form. Please don't forget to collect the counterfoil which is the proof of your deposit. Very next day you may collect your passbook on exchange with your counter foil.

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So now we are going to discuss about ATM card activation 

Very next day go show your counterfoil and collect your pass book. At that time the official will give you another form for issuing instant ATM card. Only few things to be filled like your Name, Account Number and you can select for online transfer and mobile alert etc if required. Once done with that, you will get the ATM kit

Payments Bank Facilities at Indian Post Offices, activate atm card of post office savings bank

How to Activate India Post ATM Card Initially

You can activate your ATM card after 24 hours by using in India post ATM machine.

1) Fill a simple form at the post office and collect ATM kit

2) Open the cover, take your ATM card out and put your signature on the back side of the card where you can see the place for signing

3) Inside the same envelop, you will get your secret PIN. Be careful while opening the paper that contain the PIN number. You are going to activate the card with the same 4 digit number

4) ATM card activation can only be done ONLY after 24 hours that too through India Post ATM machines, which is normally available at all the main branches of a particular city

5) After 24 hours,when you use your ATM card inside the machine you will get a message that your card verification is going on. After few seconds the screen will ask to enter the secret 4 digit PIN number. You have to enter the pin that you got along with the ATM card. Enter your provided PIN number and your card is now active

6) It is highly advised to change the inbuilt system password for secured banking.

Once the card is active, you can use the same for withdrawing cash from any other bank's ATM as well

how to withdrraw cash from other bank atms using post office savings bank atm card

Services Available in India Post ATM Machine

* PIN change
* Fast Cash
* Mini Statement
* Instant Fund Transfer : Fund Transfer within OWN Savings Account
                                   Fund Transfer within Savings Account of Post Office Savings Bank
* Cash Withdrawal
* Balance Enquiry
* Cheque Book Request

Customer Care Number for India Post SB Account ATM : 18004252440 

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At present the card cannot be used for bill payment through swiping machines. The same functions will be implemented shortly
Option for NEFT or other online transactions is not yet activated. We can see from the official circular that all these options will be active shortly

Additional Information :
I am working at another place and is away from my native village. Can I open an bank account in another town or state or in any of post office of our Country ?
      Yes you can open your savings account from any post office in India. One thing to note is that you can ONLY use the permanent address which is on your id proof and not the address of your residence where you live temporarily. You have also got the option to trasnfer the account to your native post office at any point of time in future

So let us wrap up the article. If you like this, please share the same on your Facebook, Twitter etc. Will come back with another useful write up. Till then see you ...

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