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Bangalore to Munnar by Bus - All Details in Single Click

Munnar also known as the Kashmir of South India is considered as the Paradise for honeymooners and nature lovers. But unlike other popular destination, Munnar has limited mode of connectivity. Exactly we can reach proper Munnar only through road or you have to depend on roadways to reach Munnar exactly even though you can reach nearby cities like Kochi/ Coimbatore/ Madurai etc... by train/ flight etc.. from your town.  You can read our previous article :  How to Reach Munnar  for detailed routes and possibilities

Bus Travel inside Munnar

One of the best weekend getaways from Bangalore is a memorable trip to Munnar. Apart from flight and train to Kochi, Bangalore is connected to Munnar via luxury buses. Compared to train   it is very easy to get tickets for these buses on normal days. But for weekend and during holidays we suggest you to grab the tickets well in advance.  Till 2005, between Bangalore and Munnar only Kerala and Karnataka State transport Corporations had the service. Thanks to many private bus operators and both State transport co operations for plying 6-8 buses (total) per day to Munnar from Bangalore now.

In this article, I am trying my best to provide details of all buses from Bangalore to Munnar and back with their timings, starting points, pick up points, fares and whom to contact for booking tickets in these buses. If you find any more buses, please let me know; so that I can add on, which will help some travellers too.

Note:- Only Kerala SRTC, Karnataka SRTC and SRS Travels operates its direct bus service till Munnar town using the same bus; whereas all remaining operators like Kallada, Royal, Polymer, KPN and Greenline operates till Cumbam/ Udumalpett/ Kattapana and put connection vans/ mini bus to Munnar connecting other travellers from Chennai who reach these destinations via these buses and has ticket till Munnar. So my personal opinion is that always make first preference as either State transport buses or SRS. 

Bangalore to Munnar by Kerala RTC (KSRTC) buses:

KSRTC bus via Mysore to Munnar from Bnagalore. Bangalore to Munnar via Mysore Kozhikode Air bus
                   Kerala SRTC Bangalore- Munnar 2+2 Airbus at Munnar Bus stand

Kerala SRTC has one Super Deluxe 2+2 Push back air bus with 40 seats running in Bangalore Munnar route via Mysore- Sulthan Bathery ( Wayanad)- Kozhikode- Angamali- Kothamangalam- Adimali.
Onward Journey                                                                      Return Journey
Bangalore: 4 pm (Satellite bus terminal- Majestic).                 Munnar: - 3.30 pm
Munnar: 07.30 am (Munnar bus stand)                                 Bangalore: - 7.30 am
Fare:Rs. 765/ person.
For Bookings:

Bangalore to Munnar by Karnataka RTC (KSRTC) buses:

Rajahamsa Direct bus to Munnar from Bangalore

Karnataka SRTC has one Executive Rajahamsa 2+1 Push back bus with 33 seats running in Bangalore Munnar route via Hosur- Salem- Udumalpettu- Marayoor
Onward Journey                                                                           Return Journey
Bangalore: 9 pm (Shanti Nagar Bus stand).                                 Munnar:- 5.00 pm
Munnar: 10.30 am (Munnar bus stand)                                        Bangalore: - 6.30 am
Fare: Rs. 550/ person
For Bookings:

Bangalore to Munnar by Private Interstate Luxury bus operators:
At present, there are 6 interstate luxury bus operators from Bangalore to Munnar. They include Non AC 2+2 Seat coaches, 2+1 Non AC Sleeper and 2+1 AC Sleeper coaches.
I have made my level best know as much details I can to help travellers from Bangalore to reach Munnar by bus which includes departure points from Bangalore, pick up points and timings, fare, seat type, contact information, booking numbers etc... The pickup timing are provided by operators themselves. I think considering Bangalore traffic during night times, it can extend up to 10 to 30 minutes. If any traveller finds any new bus service or some bus service not operating please feel write to me so that I can update here and it would be helpful for other travellers too.

Note:- Majestic circle, Kalasipalayam ( City market) and Madiwala are the main points to board all intercity luxury coaches. But most of the coaches have pick up facilities using the same bus or other bus/ mini bus from different parts of the city. Kindly check the exact time with operator/ agent while booking.

Private operators take Bangalore to Munnar via Hosur- Salem- Udumalpett- Marayur route Or Dindigal- Vatalagundu- Theni- Cumbam- Poopara route. 

Bangalore to Munnar SRS Sleeper Bus Non ACSRS Sleeper Bus inside

SRS Travels is reliable intercity bus operator based at Bangalore. SRS starts from Madiwala Bangalore at 9.15 pm and reaches Munnar at 8.30 am. 
This is the only private bus operator which connects Bangalore to Munnar through direct bus without much delay / waiting for any connection service from Chennai. Usually reach Munnar in correct time.
Bus Type:  Non AC - 2+1 Sleeper Bus with 30 seats.

Pick up points and time:
Hebbal: 4.20 pm | Marthahalli: 5 pm. Kamanahalli: 5.55 pm | Indranagar: 6.15 pm | Kalasipalayam: 6.45 pm | Madiwala: 7.15 pm | Bommasandra: 8.00 pm  
Fare:  Rs. 950/ seat.
Contact:  SRS Travels- Kalasipalayam. Tel: - 080 26801616.

Bangalore to Munnar Via Kattapana Air Bus

Kallada is a prominent operator based in Kerala having number fleets throughout South India. From Bangalore, Kallada operates daily service to Kattapana with 36 seater 2+2 push back Non AC air bus. The bus starts from Madiwala at 7.30 pm & reaches Kattapana at 7.30 am. Same operator connects passengers to Munnar using a minivan or cab depending number of passengers. 
Usually we can expect the van at Munnar around 10.30-11 am even though exact time of arrival is 9.30 am.

Pick up points and time:
Hebbal: 4.20 pm | Marthahalli: 5 pm. Kamanahalli: 5.55 pm | Indranagar: 6.15 pm | Kalasipalayam: 6.45 pm | Madiwala: 7.15 pm | Bommasandra: 8.00 pm  
Fare: Rs. 850/ seat.
Contact: Kallada Tours & Travels- Madiwala. Tel: - 080 42112526.

Bangalore to Munnar By BusBangalore to Munnar By Sleeper Coach

Royal Travels operates regular Non AC sleeper from Bangalore to Cumbam and uses a minivan to connect Munnar. The bus starts from Kalasipalayam at 7.00 pm and reaches Cumbam by 6.30 am. Usually we can expect the van at Munnar around 11-11.30 am even though exact time of arrival is 9.30 am.
Bus Type: Non AC - 2+1 Sleeper Bus with 30 seats.

Pick up points and time:
Madiwala: 7.30 pm | Electronic city Toll gate: 8.00 pm. |  Bommasandhra: 8.15 pm | Hosur: 9.15 pm | Salem: 11.30 pm
Fare: Rs. 1000/ berth.
Contact: Royal Travels- Kalasipalayam. Tel:- 09995046283

Bangalore to Munnar AC Sleeper Coach by KPNKPN AC Sleepr inside

KPN Travels is a prominent intercity bus operators based at Salem. They operate regular AC Sleeper coach service between Bangalore and Udumalpettu and connects Munnar via mini cab.  The cab from Udumalpettu starts to Munnar only when the KPN Chennai - Udumalpettu bus reaches Udumalpettu and takes passengers from both Bangalore and Chennai buses to Munnar in a single mini bus.  

Bus Type:   AC - 2+1 Sleeper Bus with 30 seats.
Usually we can expect the bus at Munnar around 11-11.30 am even though exact time of arrival is 9.30 am.

Pick up points and time:
Kalasipalayam: 10.00 am | Madiwala: 10.15 pm | Bommanahalli: 10.30 pm  
Fare:R s. 1150/ berth
Contact: KPN Travels- Kalasipalayam. Tel: -

AC Sleeper by Greenline Travels Via Cumbam to Munnar from BangaloreInside view of Greenline AC Sleeper coach from Bangalore to Munnar

Greenline Travels operates regular AC sleeper from Bangalore to Cumbam and connects uses a traveller or min cab to Munnar .  

Bus Type:  AC - 2+1 Sleeper Bus with 30 seats.
Usually we can expect the bus at Munnar around 10-11.30 am even though exact time of arrival is 9.30 am.

Pick up points and time:
Jala halli Cross: 6.45 pm | Gangamma Circle: 6.50 pm | Mathikare: 7.15 pm | Yeshwanthpur: 7.30 pm | Marthahalli: 7.30 pm | Domlur: 8.45 pm | Kalasipalayam: 9.00pm | Majestic: 9.00pm | Madiwala: 10.00 pm | Electronic city Toll gate: 10.15 pm.  
Fare: Rs. 1100/ berth
Contact: Greenline Travels- Anandrao Circle.Tel:-080 41241204.

Bangalore to Munnar by AC Sleeperby  Polymer Travels
Bangalore to munnar by bus via Udumalpettu by Polymer AC Sleepr

Polymer Travels is a Chennai based intercity provider and operates regular AC Sleeper bus from Bangalore to Udumalpettu and seasonally gives ticket till Munnar using a connection cab from Udumalpettu to Munnar.  

Bus Type: Non AC - 2+1 Sleeper Bus with 30 seats.
Usually we can expect the bus at Munnar around 11-11.30 am even though exact time of arrival is 9.30 am.

Pick up points and time:
Kalasipalayam: 10.00pm | Madiwala: 1030 pm  
Fare:  Rs. 1100/ berth
Contact: Polymer Travels.

Bangalore to Munnar by Volvo Buses
Many travellers misunderstand by seeing all AC buses as Volvo buses.
Truth is that All Volvo buses are AC Coaches but all AC Coaches are Not Volvo buses. Presently No operator is using Volvo coaches to Munnar from Bangalore. If you are very particular about Volvo comfort, the only option is to travel to Kochi (Ernakulam) from Bangalore through Volvo coaches and take a normal bus from Kochi to Munnar. Kerala SRTC is operating 01 Volvo low floor (KURTC)AC coach from Kochi (Ernakulam) to Munnar.

Kochi to Munnar AC Low Floor bus
                 Kerala SRTC's -KURTC AC Low floor Volvo from Ernakulam (Kochi) to Munnar

For Kochi to Munnar bus timings visit: http:

Bangalore to Munnar online bus booking
All the operators including Kerala and Karnataka state transport corporations have websites (all websites under travels name above) and allow online seat bookings.
Alternatively seats/ berths in private coaches can be booked online through other sites too. Some of the best bus booking sites are  | | | | 

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