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Ilaveezhapoonchira ; "Valley Where Leaves Never Shed"  

Hi there..... This week thought to take off a little adventurous. So we welcome you to a spectacular natural treasure named ilaveezhapoonchira an unexplored & unpolluted wild beauty of Gods Own Country. This place is pretty much suitable for adventure lovers and trekking groups. If you want to experience greenery and want to refresh yourself in the lap of mother nature with most purified air & wind, then you are welcome to Ilaveezhapoonjira

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Ilaveezhapoonchira is perfect one day picnic spot on the top of a hill. We can say its a spectacular view point that gives you amazing view of landscape in 360 degree. You will feel out of the world once you reach here.

The place name seems to be a little confusing for you ? Then we will discuss about the origin of the name and historical significance of Ilaveezhaa Poonchira

The name is a Malayalam word and locally its pronounce as ila -- veezhaa -- poonchira
 In Malayalam  : ഇല വീഴാ പൂഞ്ചിറ

"Ila-veezhaa-poonchira", means 'the pond of flowers where the leaves do not fall'.  During the monsoons, this beautiful valley between mountains fills up with water to form a large pond (poonchira) giving an unforgettable visual treat for your eyes

ilaveezha =where the leaves do not fall
Poonchira = pond of flowers

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Commonly this place also spelled as Ilaveezhapoonjira, Elaveezhapoonjira, Ilaveezha Poonjira etc

Mythological Importance of Ilaveezhapoonchira
               According to a legend, the Pandava had a sojourn here during their life incognito. Their wife, Draupadi, came to take a bath at a lake, which was present at that time. Some devas, bewitched by her beauty, tried to satisfy their voyeuristic itch. King of devas, Lord Indra, came to know about what was going on, and built screens or hills heaping flowers and prevented them from indulging in such a practice. And the pond thus became a dam isolated by floral hills. Since there were no trees around the bund, it was always free of leaves and so it was called Ila-veezha-poonchira.

Some say that the name comes from the fact that it is always windy at the place and hence the leaves are carried away. Poonjira's myth is closely related to Agastya and his hermitage,he lived here and the native people believes that he still lives here,his hermitage is hidden in somewhere here.In puranas and our myths there is no evidence for the death of GURU AGASTHYA. Another important attraction is the ancient krishna temple, that was founded by panjaly herself.the mass belief is that panjaly's akshayapatra is hidden here and it is protected by agastya.The myth is also associate with ramayana his vanavasa popularly believes that he lived here with lakshmana for few months

ilaveezhapoonchira thodupuzha, ernakulam to ilaveezhapoonchira
                                   Click on the photos and see Enlarged Beauty of IlaveezhapoonchiraIlaveezhapoonchira Viewpoint kottayam , Kerala , Distance from Ilaveezhapoonchira to Vagamon 28 kms , Places near ILAVEEZHAPOONCHIRAIlaveezhapoonchira Hillstation, Ilaveezha Poonchira Exploration of Natural WondersIlaveezha Poonchira Awesome Tourist Destination in Kerala

Where is this place located  & For what this place well known for  ?
            Ilaveezhapoonchira located in Melukavu village in Kottayam district near Kanjar. This stunning valley is surrounded by three enchanting hillocks - Mankunnu, Kodayathoormala and Thonippara. This makes the place ideal and well known for trekking.

Which are the best routes to Ilaveezhapoonchira ? How we can reach this place from different directions ?
           Nearest Railway Station: Kottayam (55 km )
           Nearest Airport : Cochin International Airport (76 km)

Location Map of Ilaveezhaa Poonchira

Thekkady to Ilaveezhapoonhira Route Map

Route Map to Ilaveezhaapoonchira from Cochin : Ernakulam --- Muvaattupuzha -- Thodupuzha --- Kaanjar -- Elaveezhapoonchira
Route Map from Cochin/Ernakulam

How to reach from, Bangalore ?
                Bangalore - Trichur - Angamaly - Perumbavoor - Muvattupuzha - Thodupuzha - Kaanjaar - Ilaveezhapoonjira

How to reach from Thodupuzha ?
              From Thodupuzha you have to travel 15 kms in Moolamattam route to reach Kanjar, which is 10 kms from Ilaveezhapunchira & is just 06 kilometers from Melukavu in Kottayam district.

 Distance between Ilaveezha Poonchira and Vagamon, An Offroad TrIp to IlaveezhaPoonchirA

Specialty / Why is this tourist spot famous for ?
                      Ilaveezhapoonchira is famous for its unpolluted natural beauty which is hidden and can be accessible only with some adventurous drive or mountain walking. This place can be called as one of the best beautiful weekend tourist destination, especially for bachelors and adventure lovers. Without doubts we can say that Ilaveezhapoonchira is one of the best weekend getaway from Cochin

Which is the Best Time to visit ?
                      We can say September to January after monsoon will be the best period to visit Ilaveezhaapoonchira. The climate is generally pleasant all through the year, while the bulk of the rainfall occurs during the Southwest monsoon, between June and September, leaving the entire sanctuary lush and green. Summer months of March, April and May would be slightly warm.
Visit the place either morning or evening, because at noon time will be hot without proper shelter you find yourself difficult to enjoy the place.

Is this place suitable for Family ?
                    Spectacular science beauty from the top of Ilaveezhapoonchira is difficult to describe in words. Everybody will like this place. If your family members would like to go for an off road ride or like to have some hill climbing,  definitely you can prefer this place for a family day out. Suggest you to travel with 4x4 vehicle or hire a jeep from the local people that you get in reasonable day rent
When you prefer family outing here, don't go with small group. This is very isolated area. So remain in the protection big family group with enough gents in the group to take care entire family. Always plan in such a way that your return journey will start before sunset. Once it is dark, then pretty difficult to walk down or drive downwards in the dangerous muddy road

Any Scope for Adventure in llaveezha Poonchira ?
                    Definitely, Ilaveezhapoonjira is know for its hill rocks and off road driving conditions. Worth spending some time for those who likes to climbing hills, off road power bike rides, jeep trekking etc

Ilaveezha Poonchira Staying Options, Wireless Station At Ilaveezha Poonchira Top

How to reach Ilaveezhapoonchira in Your Vehicle ? Which type of vehicle can reach here ?
                        Definitely you can reach on the top with vehicles. But need to have 4x4 Gypsy / Scorpio like SUV for climbing the hilltop. This will help you to avoid walking towards the top of Ilaveezha poonchira
Normal cabs or bikes could not reach on mountain end. Up to 07 kilometers from the normal road you can come with your normal vehicle. After that need to park it and start climbing.
Suv , 4x4 vehicle and high power bikes can reach on the top. But you should have an explorers mind. If you prefer comfortable drive, then this place is not suitable for you

Can we get Jeep for rent at Ilaveezhapoonchira ? Any Option to book a Jeep after coming here ?
                      Yes, you can hire jeep from nearby town and if you are coming in normal vehicles to Ilaveezhapoonjira, getting a jeep with be useful for you. So you will get from the nearest town Kanjar, which is 07 kms below the hill top

Can we spend Overnight on the top of Ilaveezhapoonchira ?
                       For the backpackers and last minute planners. who wont prefer any advance booking, stunning beauty of ilaveezhaapoonchira will be a good choice. If you are coming with your bachelors friends, then there is a scope of overnight stay. Reach here by evening with food, water and if possible a small tent, with some woods for making campfire and barbecue set up. Don't expect any electricity over here. So carry emergency lamp with you. If you have all these stuffs then you are going to enjoy the unforgettable evening of your life time. If the weather is pleasant, you can experience sunset and sunrise from here

Any accommodation options available near Ilaveezha Poonchira ?
                 A DTPC rest house nearby offers comfortable accommodation.
                 Contact details:
                 Tourist information centre,
                 DTPC Kottayam
                 Ph: +91 481 2560479

Any Prior Accommodation Booking Possible ?
                        Advance booking possible for risk free travel. Cottages and tent accommodation available with food. Always keep in mind one point. If you prefer to stay in these cottages or hill top tent, make prior booking. Or else come with enough water, food or stuff to cook food along with your belongings. Without food an water we don't think you cannot spend overnight on this lap of natural wonder

Advantage of Advance Booking Cottages in Ilaveezhapoonchira
                      You will get your accommodation on confirmed basis. No need to worry about food and water. Cottage people will arrange enough food and water to the hill top and you can have your memorable evening with barbecue and enchanting campfire eve of your life time

Options of Accommodation in Ilaveezhapoonchira other than DTPC Rest House
                     Cottage & Tent Booking available in Ilaveezhapoonchira mountain top. Apart from the comfortable cottage room accommodation, the Gol Ghar which is a circular, open-to-sides gazebo is the guests dining area, providing an extraordinary close to nature experience. See the photo below. You will be staying here in the lap of nature by seeing infinite valleys

 camping and tent stay in ilaveezhaapoonchira, Ilaveezha Poonchira tourist destination near Vagamon

Availability fo Food in Ilaveezhapoonjira Cottage / Tent Camping Site
                  A delicious spread of South and North Indian dishes, Buffet style is served at the Ghol ghar. A choice of both Vegetarian and Non vegetarian is available in mountain top tent camping

Conducted Adventure Activites in Ilaveezhapoonchira
                  Definitely private cottage organise lots of activities that makes your stay even better.
Activities like Cycling, Trekking - Rock climbing Exploring Ancient Caves , Temples, Unbelievable Landscapes Jeep Safaris - campfire with music. are available with an option of advance booking

Is There any Tour Package Available for Ilaveezhapoonchira?
                 Yes 1 Night / 2 Days tour package is available with advance booking option available here. Details as follows
Day 1
12 noon     Check in
01.30 pm     Lunch
04.00 pm     Safari briefing with tea/coffee
04.30 pm     Drive to view point
08.30 pm     Campfire
09.30 pm     Dinner

Day 2
06.00 am     wake up call, Tea/Coffee
06.30 am     Guided Trekking
09.30 am     Breakfast
11.00 am     Check out

Which is the nearest tourist spot from Ilaveezhapoonchira ?
             Wagamon is the nearest well known tourist destination. You can even plan for 02 nights tour package covering both Ilaveezhapoonchira and Wagamon

Can you give some extra tips for Ilaveezhapoonchira Day Trip ?
                   Top Priority : Carry enough water with you. Remember you are going on a hill top where nature give infinite view of spectacular valley. After climbing the mountain, you definitely starving for water. And there is not at all an option to get a drop of water if you done have any advance accommodation booking. So carry drinking water with you. Emergency lamps or lights with good back up will be useful as the spot don't have any electrical power

Caution : Precautions to be Taken Care while planing your trip to Ilaveezhapoonchira
                    Slippery terrain and landslide can happen during monsoon. Also have to take pretty much care about lightening. So don't plan your trips during monsoon or the forecast warnings with thunder and lightning. The final destination of Ilaveezhapoonchira where you settling down your journey is a hill top with no trees or shelter. As the spot is on the top of the hill, there is no protection from thunder. These kinds of accidents already reported in the spot. Also take pretty case about snakes / reptiles

Any Scope for good roads towards Ilaveezhaapoonchira ?
                  Personally we believe that Ilaveezhappoonchira is an uncommercialized and unpolluted hidden valley of wonders. With its complicated off track terrain keep the limit on overall traveling group. After constructing good roads, people start to visit this pace in more frequently in large numbers. This will spoil the charm of the place. So let it be like as it is

Ilaveezhaapoonchira tourism is on its high ratio. Expecting Kerala tourism to take this destination on its prime importance and promote more activities and provide better infrastructures without spoiling this beautiful valley of wonders. Hope you like the article from our team. Please don't forget to share it on your social media profiles.  If you would like to share some more information with us, you are welcome to drop the same in comment box .

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