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Are You Suffering Vomiting or Stomach Disorder During Your Munnar Thekkady Tour ? Then You Must Visit This Place


Vomiting and Stomach Disorder Relief Center Between Munnar and Thekkady

Amma's Refreshment Center, Tharessa Nagar | Are you travelling between Munnar and Thekkady and feeling vomiting or any kind of stomach disorder !!! Then you must visit this place to get free medicine that cure all these issues in few minutes

Some time things happens in our life in coincidence. Here this article took birth from an incident that really happened during my travel between Munnar and Thekakdy. Before going to the context in deep. we will discuss some situations that made birth this article. 

As you know, when you travel in a terrain like Munnar which having ghat roads, there is high chances of stomach disorders like vomiting and gas trouble etc. which can ruin the charm of your eagerly planned holiday trip. Recently I had a family trip and after our wonderful stay at The Leaf Resort & Great Escapes Resort at Munnar, we started our journey towards the next destination that is Thekkady through Chinnakkanal - Nedumkandam Route which having very narrow roads with lots of hairpin bends here and there. 


When we passed our half of the journey, my wife felt like vomiting and we had to stop the vehicle. She started vomiting in the roadside and even after few minutes she did not feel comfortable for onward journey. Just opposite to the road we find a small shop that sell cool drinks. tea coffee etc. I walked towards the shop with an intention to buy something to drink and I saw an old couple at shop looking towards us.

The man told me that they will provide some medicine for vomiting and asked me to bring my wife to the shop. We went there and till that time I was unaware that I am going to experience one of the best moments in my life

As I said in the beginning of this article the shop run by an old couple. So now let me introduce them with their name. They are Mr. George and Lissy. Shop Names is Amma's Shop. We will call her Lissy Amma.  She told me that she will give a home made medicine for curing the stomach problem and she prepared small volume of hot water after that put her own home made ayurvedic medicine . Then she asked my wife to drink it

Meantime George uncle told me that within couple of minutes my wife will be ok and ready for travel. When he said this to me, I just smiled because I could not believe his words. They told us to sit and relax few minutes and we did the same. After couple of minutes, my wife told me that she is feeling normal and completely get rid of vomiting tendency and gas trouble. She also can't believe the effectiveness of home made medicine from Lissy Amma and told me that she is ready for travel.

At that moment I ran towards my car for the camera and with their permission took some snaps which I am attaching with this article. Still I was strucked with the magic of Lissy Amma's Medicine and decided to spend some time with them. Both of them were free as no other customers were present that time.

I was about to give some money for the treatment. But she denied be saying that she helped lots of people with it and never collected single penny for the medicine. She got the secrete recipe of this home made medicine from her father and most importantly she never sell it as a product and will not. Lissy Aunty always love to help others. We purchased some snacks and ice cream from them

Then George uncle took me to their home which is attached with the shop. They provide bathroom facility for the tourists passing by with very reasonable service charge. Their home is in the back side and they even provide resting room for needy travellers. He told me about their family and both of them earn living from the shop and the services provided along with it. They treat all the people with smile and when a person visit this place, he or she will feel homely 

At George Uncle and Lissy Amma's place you will get complete remedy for Cough, Vomiting, Gas Trouble etc. that we experienced our self. I thought I can share my incident with our readers and I am pretty sure that this article will help lots of people during their travel in the said directions

Name  : Amma's Refreshment Center with Bakery & Coffee Bar, 
Address  : Tharessa Nagar, Kilavikulam
Contact Person : Mr. George
Mobile No : +91 9544720415
Place is located between Munnar and Thekkady in Chinnakkanal Nedumkandam Route

A Small Shop where you get Tea/ Coffee Snacks, Mineral Water. Ice Cream, Soft Drinks, Fruits etc. With guarantee I can suggest you to visit this place and experience their homely hospitality.

Nearest Land Mark : Velankaniimatha Church , Mayiladumpara

I salute both of them for their helping mentality without focusing on money. These types of human beings are rarely seen nowadays. So let us make them popular. I request all the readers to share this story so that whole world can know about Lissy Amma's Refreshment Center. Also I request all of you to please visit and spend some time whenever you travel in this route and buy something to help George Uncle and Lissy Aunty 

Thank You...

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